Warrior Greens 150g – Orange

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Warrior Greens is the Ultimate Phytonutrient Super-Food Blend!

Why do I need Greens?
Greens supplementation has become increasingly popular over the last few years, as athletes strive not only to optimise external performance, but to improve overall health, wellness and vitality! Greens supplements are designed to support health and overall quality of life. They are perfect for anyone with less than a perfect diet, and especially for people who don’t get enough servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Warrior Greens is packed with the most powerful Green ingredients available. It is the most comprehensive, most complete and most effective Greens formula on the market.

What’s included in Warrior Greens?
– Avocado Juice Powder
– Spinach
– Kale
– Wheat Grass
– Broccoli
– Spirulina
– Chlorella
– Kelp (Ascophyllum Nodosum)
– Alfalfa Powder
– Celery Root
– Parsley
– Watercress
– Cucumber
– Barley Grass
– Olive Leaf
– Shave Grass
– Cabbage
– Barley Sprout
– Sage Leaf Powder
– Rosemary Herb Powder, and
– Cauliflower Powder.

We left nothing to chance with Warrior Greens – we’ve included the most health and wellness packed ingredients available. Ingredients like Avocado Juice Powder, Broccoli, Kale and more. Powerful natural ingredients designed to help support the nutritional needs of serious athletes. We have included only the BEST quality ingredients in Warrior Greens, just like we do in every supplement from Warrior.

What are the benefits of taking Warrior Greens?

The list of benefits from taking Greens supplements is almost endless – so much so that many UFC fighters and Cross Fit athletes consider such supplements staples in their diet. Green supplements (and specifically ingredients like Wheat Grass, Alfalfa and the other compounds within Warrior Greens) have been claimed to help with everything from improved sleep to greater fertility. For the athlete however, the main benefits you should notice are:
– Increase energy support
– Support healthy stress regulation
– Help detoxify and cleanse the body
– Support healthy sleep
– Balance body pH levels
– Promote healthy aging
– Allow your body to function at an advanced level

Why choose Warrior Greens over other Greens formulas on the market?
– 1 full month supply in every tub
– Naturally sweetened with Stevia
– A light, refreshing natural Orange flavour
– Complete and Comprehensive

Most Greens formulas taste terrible – this isn’t an exageration… We know several athletes who’ve started taking a greens supplement and stopped even when they were seeing benefits, because the taste was so bad. Not so with Warrior Greens! We’ve naturally sweetened Warrior Greens with Stevia, and added a light, refreshing natural orange flavour to ensure you enjoy your greens as well as benefit from them!

We chose Stevia because it has a zero glycemic index rating (no effect on insulin), zero calories and zero carbs. It is also 25-30 times sweeter than sugar! It is one of the healthiest sweeteners on the planet.

Warrior Greens is the best Greens supplement available on the market. Packed with health charged ingredients designed to help optimise your health, wellness and recovery naturally. A true athlete knows that what matters isn’t just performance on the day – but performance over the long term. What condition will you be in at 40, 50 and 60 years of age? Plan for the long term with a healthy diet, hardcore training, and a true Warrior’s supplementation program.

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